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Business decision making – how good are you at it? Who would you instinctively trust? The Media?

The Swiss coach crash (March 2012) of a returning ski holiday school trip of 52 Belgium children, is a similar to other stories that routinely catch our attention, but a crash is anything but routine. The Media reported suggestions that the coach driver was speeding through the tunnel when it crashed.

Travelmole, the well respected travel and tourism website news agency, reported later that the Swiss prosecutors were quashing reports that this was fact!  They wanted it said that it had not been established that the Swiss coach was speeding.

Does this raise a much deeper underlying problem or question? Business decision making – how good are you at it? Who do you instinctively trust, as a matter of routine? The Police or a Swiss prosecutor (in this case, Olivier Elsig)?

The correct answer surely is nobody, on face value? But do we as adults, always reserve judgement till the appointed time? Unless we have ALL the facts, anything else – the rest – is purely speculative.

Who knows this truth better than anyone – The Media, of course!

Belgium’s Le Soir newspaper reported that police had told its journalists that the coach was speeding.

Do we make bad assumption in business? Are we doing this all the time? How best can we protect ourselves from this? One way is to regularly seek external advice from a business consultant, and one way to start to find the right one for you and your business is to search online and use one of the online business support finder services.

In this case, it is believed that the Swiss prosecutor had already uncovered in their investigation a number of possible causes, including:

  • a technical failure,
  • the driver suffering a health problem, or
  • human error.

The coach vehicle was nearly new.

Both drivers had been fully rested before the trip. Both drivers were killed in the accident. Dozens on the coach were badly injured.

What about your Business decision making? How good are you at it, really? If you’d like to test this, make an appointment to see an external adviser. It may be one of the best things you did for your business this year, looking back at the end of it!

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