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Google – The Value And Features of Links and Documents

I read an excellent article recently, Google’s Reasonable Surfer: How the Value of a Link May Differ Based upon Link and Document Features and User Data by a chap called Bill Slawski, posted on his interesting site ‘Seo by the Sea‘ where Bill Slawski reminds us all of the value of links and how Google, right from the start has viewed page rank and how the value of a link in a document has evolved over time.
I may be stating the obvious here but the Google Panda update (in the UK 11 April and approximately monthly onwards) was a game-changer for sure. What is certain is there will be many more updates, which may well be released with increasing frequency – equally challenging. The importance of quality links, I believe, are likely to stand the test of time. The penalty will be with “bought links”. Slowly but surely Google has improved its identification techniques of bought links by creating an ever-more sophisticated way of grading or ranking the value links to the point that low quality links are virtually worthless (cheap article sites, cheap blogs with 100′s of blogroll categories and links). Links of high quality are narrowing slowly till eventually there is likely to be only universities, reference sites, sector and brand leaders, global media companies etc.
This is where social media comes in. At Pub Con Las Vegas SEO conference Links from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the numerous big Social media platforms are described as the ‘new links’. It is changing the value of web pages, and compliments links as a major contributor to ‘quality’.

What impact has Google Panda had and how does this affect the small business in the UK?

It is difficult for business owners to know. It is best to get advice from an external SEO specialist consultant when considering investing in developing your existing or new website. I list below some of the more popular business sectors that make considerable use of  internet marketing companies and are big users of SEO services:

The list is not exhaustive. Is your particular  niche are ripe for internet growth? It doesn’t take long to explore its possibilities and ‘opportunities’.  Many consultants won’;t charge for the initial discussion if it over the phone and doesn’t take long. I suggest that small businesses make best use of the internet to start their search. It is recommended to search for the right SEO consultant before merely searching for the right SEO firm to help. The right SEO consultant will pay for himself in reducing costs and maximising your returns, and handling any initial negotiations as well as managing performance and analytics going forwards. Online services like Business Support Finder and Business Service Finder are good places to begin.