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Dr Stephen Covey, author of the best seller 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in an interview with Anthony Robbins, explains that after 20 years of working with corporations it became clear to him that private victories always preceded public victories.
All entrepreneurs and most small and medium sized enterprise owners seek public victories either personally or for their businesses. Dr Covey sees courage and compassion as a power and key attributes of character of a successful person in business describing it as

the essence of interdependency in the world.

Covey asks the fundamental question, “What would help produce this private victory?”.

His answer was “take responsibility for one’s own life”. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is amazing however how few people really succeed in achieving this fully. I know how much I have struggled to do this. Isn’t this why so many people use food, entertainment, extra martial affairs, alcohol or not to develop their career to escape the stress and pressures in business life?
Taking responsibility for one’s own life (and one’s dependents) is Dr Covey’s Habit 1.
HABIT 1: Personal Vision – BE PROACTIVE (ABILITY TO CHOOSE ONE’S RESPONSE, based on values, not on emotions.)
What is one’s life about – is Habit 2.
HABIT 2: Personal Leadership – ‘Begin with the end in mind’.
To live by it – is Habit 3.
HABIT 3: Personal Management – ‘Put first things first’.
These 3 fundamental ideas provide the foundation of a private victory. Dr Covery describes these attributes of character.
This is Covery’s continuum from dependence, through independence to interdependence.
Dependence: you take care of me, or I blame you for these results, need others to get what they want.
Interdependence: I can do it, self confidence, self-reliance, “we” can accomplish it, requires their own efforts and others to achieve what they want.
What is the public victory?
Regard other people with great respect and dignity, and treat them accordingly.
How does one solve problems? One LISTENS to others first, before seeking to be listened to.
Try synergy, to create something better than anything proposed previously.
These 3 ideas are the essence of the Public Victory or ‘interdependence’ which is what Dr Covey describes as (interdependency) “the essence of what life is”. So habits 4, 5, & 6 are habits of personality – outward habits.
Finally Dr. Covey concludes that the final Habit (7) is ‘Sharpening the saw’. To maintain a level of alertness and personal performance (to be effective with other people).
In these times of economic turmoil it is a timely reminder of what matters most, and to avoid getting caught up or ensnared in what matter least.

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